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Explore specialized services designed to exceed expectations

Services offered by Roy

Discover a spectrum of offerings tailored for you, encompassing design, transformation, and real estate solutions. Experience excellence in every facet of your project with Roy.

Home Plans

Roy has experience in designing Beach Home Plans, Contemporary Home Plans, and Historical Home Plans.

3D Drafting

Roy designs exclusively in 3D using Chief Architect. Roy provides images to ensure the home design meets the clients vision at critical stages

3D Rendering

At any point Roy can create images to share with the clients to ensure that the details are aligned with their vision.

Real Estate

Roy is also a licensed Realtor in the State of Florida. He often helps clients find their ideal lot for building.

Custom Residential House Plans

Roy has experience in designing beach home plans, contemporary residential home plans, and home plans for historical districts as well. Each design starts with a thorough interview including a customer questionnaire to ensure the intent for the design is well understood. This ensures the customers vision is fulfilled in the design. Each custom plan includes the floor plan, elevations, electrical plan, a proposed cabinet plan, a foundation/piling plan, proposed truss plans, and a site plan when a proper survey is provided by the client. Twelve high resolution renderings are also included as seen on the Gallery page of this website. The plan is sent to a licensed Structural Engineer to be approved and sealed based on Florida’s Building Code.

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3D Drafting and Design

Roy designs exclusively in 3D using Chief Architect. This powerful 3D Architectural program allows Roy to visualize not only the aesthetics of the home as he designs, but also the internal structure to ensure that key elements of the framing are accounted for in the design. The additional benefit is that Roy is able to meet with the client and provide them a very realistic view of how their home will look once completed. The 3D renderings can be extremely useful to communicate the intent of the design to the builder.

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Ready to Build House Plans

Roy has a small but growing portfolio of plans that he offers for sale to clients that do not want to undertake the full custom process. These plans do not include the analysis by the structural engineer, as that is site dependent. The plans include a floor plan, electrical plan, proposed elevations, proposed truss design, and a proposed cabinet plan. The client and the client’s builder are strongly recommended to have the plan reviewed and stamped by a licensed structural engineer before building begins.

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Interior Remodeling Plans

Roy also works with clients, builders, and investors on creating remodeling plans for existing homes. These projects can be simple kitchen remodels up to full renovations of a homes interiors. When structural changes to the home are required Roy consults with a licensed structural engineer to ensure that the design will meet all local, regional, and state building codes.

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Real Estate

Roy is also a licensed Realtor in the State of Florida. He often helps client fin their ideal lot for building. As a builder and designer, Roy is familiar with the local area, and knows how to guide his clients through the process of finding and purchasing a lot that is suitable for building. There are many issues with building on the Florida Panhandle that must be taken into account before purchasing a lot. Please see the Design FAQ on this website.

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